How to get the cheapest car insurance

One in three consumers pays over the odds for car insurance, according to the RAC.

The major crime most drivers commit against their personal finances is failing to shop around for the best premium and simply accepting your insurer’s renewal quote, which is likely to be much higher.

Following you will learn how to get the cheapest car insurance:

Younger drivers can also grab themselves potentially much cheaper car insurance by opting for one of the new blackbox policies, these put a spy in your car to monitor your driving and reward those who are careful and don’t drive at dangerous times.

Whether you are male or female, old or young, follow our ten steps to lower premiums.

Choose your car with care

Insurers divide cars into 50 groups according to various factors including their engine size and the likely cost of repairs. The higher the insurance group, the higher the premium. So if you are buying a new car, it pays to check its rating.And don’t modify your car with spoilers or fancy wheel trims because many insurers will load the premium.

Type of cover

Many drivers looking for cheaper car insurance instinctively opt for third party, fire and theft. But, with many higher risk drivers looking for cheaper cover, the average price of these policies is being pushed up.Don’t simply assume a third party policy will be cheaper – make sure you check comprehensive cover as well to see the difference in price.

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